Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Decade

Ten years ago today I woke up at 4am after a few hours of sleep and started getting ready for my wedding.  My sister woke up and did my hair (beautifully), and I slowly did my makeup.  I drove to the temple in Bellevue with my parents and sang the Primary song "I Love To See The Temple" at the top of my lungs. 

Today, a decade later, I woke up at 4am after a few hours of sleep and started getting ready for work.  I nursed Rosie after taking a shower, quickly did my makeup and brushed by teeth while I dried my hair.  There is no wedding to look forward to, but today I am infinitely happier then I was on April 6, 2001. 

A decade has brought about much change for Tom and me.  Trips across the world, two apartments, one house, too many horribly painful goodbyes, countless wonderful friends, three children, one life-changing diagnosis, but most of all it has brought us closer then ever.  I'd be lying if I said the last ten years were all smiles and rainbows.  The last few years in particular have been especially hard, but there came a point when we both, individually, decided that our trials would make us stronger, not tear us apart.  That being said, a decade has also brought us so much joy.  For our anniversary today, I wanted to share with all who read this what a wonderful man Tom is.

Tom is the most giving, selfless person you will ever meet.  Most people have no idea how hard he works and all that he does for his family, his church, his friends - because he is also humble.  He is not one to brag about his accomplishments, his goodwill or charity, he simply does what needs to be done because he wants to help, and he expects nothing in return.  Since the day Rosie was born, Tom has gotten up and done breakfast for Harper and Nora nearly every single morning.  On the days that I work he manages to lovingly get three little girls ready for the day and get himself showered and dressed by 9am.  I tell you, that is far better then I can do!!  Tom cares genuinely and deeply for the people he serves in our church.  As Elder's Quorum President he spent many sleepless nights worrying and praying for families in need.  He did this alone, as he is also extremely respectful of other's privacy, and never once spoke to me about any of the hardships he was dealing with.  As Young Men's President he is passionately dedicated to teaching the teenage boys in our ward how to be men.  I have no doubt in my mind that those young men will be better missionaries, employees, and husbands because of Tom's example.

Tom is STUBBORN.  Not quite as stubborn as I am, but very close!  When he was in elementary school he started wrestling, and his coach pretty much told him he was no good and wouldn't go anywhere with it.  I don't know if the coach was simply a jackass, or if he knew Tom really well, because all that did was push him.  In high school he helped his team go undefeated, wrestled in the state championships twice, and his senior year he placed first in his weight class at state.  Tell Tom he can't do something and not only will he do it, he will do it better then anyone else has ever done it before.

Tom is a wonderful cook, and I like to joke that he is more of a housewife then I am.  Every Saturday morning he comes up with a new breakfast menu (peanut butter stuffed French toast, Belgian waffles made from scratch, homemade cinnamon syrup, etc.), and he usually makes it while watching all three kids and letting me sleep in.  For the last three summers he has canned peaches, pears, green beans, tomatoes, homemade spaghetti sauce, pizza sauce, and chili starter, homemade jams and freezers jams of all varieties (strawberry freezer is my favorite), 5 different kinds of salsa, homemade tomato soup, apple juice, grape juice, apple pie filling, zuchini relish, applesauce, apple butter, apple chutney, and even more that I can't think of off the top of my head.  And, since for the last three summers I have either been pregnant or up all night taking care of a screaming baby, Tom has done 90% of this by himself.  Granted our kitchen has also been a giant disaster of apple goo and boxes of cans....but have you TASTED his jalapeno jelly??

Tom is fearless.  I am seriously in awe of this at times.  Not only would he do anything physically (jump out of a plane, bungee jump, etc.), but he also has no fear when it comes to people.  He could walk up to anybody and say anything!  Thankfully he also has a lot of self control and he very rarely says anything rude or obnoxious (which I am also in awe of).  The funny part is that even when he IS rude, he does it with a smile and totally gets away with it.  It's hilarious.

Tom isn't perfect, but he is perfect for me.  He's taught me to be patient and to finish what I start.  He helps me calm down when I freak out over what I later realize is nothing.  He pushes me to go out and be social when I just want to sit at home and veg, which has helped me foster many cherished friendships that I likely wouldn't have had.  He helps me keep things in perspective until I realize that no matter what happens, everything will be OK because I still have him.

I love you so much, Tom.  Happy anniversary!


Tom said...

I Love you! To another decade plus lots more!

Cheris said...

Thank you for sharing this with other people. It's a lesson to all of us to remember more of the good things than the bad. 10 years is so exciting!! I hope you guys have many fantastic years to go.

Happy Anniversary!!!

Kacey said...

You found a prince, Jennette! I loved reading about what you admire about your hubby. What a wonderful 10th Anniversary gift to him.
Happy 10th!!

Maria said...

You both are wonderful people, I agree you are perfect for each other! I 'm so glad he is my older brother and and that the two of you fell in love, because I get to have you in my life too! Congrats and to many many more! Love ya!